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Beauty and The Nerd Staffel 1 Umstyling

by Jamess kurt
Beauty and The Nerd Staffel 1 Umstyling


The big makeover of the nerds: An important, exciting and above all exciting TV moment at “Beauty & The Nerd” 2020. In episode 4 and in episode 5, the looks of the nerds were on the collar. Not only for the nerds – this transformation is also a real wow moment for the beauties. Who is designer Thomas Rath calling for a big makeover? And who swaps sandals and socks for stylish sneakers? For whom is a look in the mirror after the makeover a big shock? And whose sight do the beauties rave about?

These nerds are getting a makeover:

Illya (21, computer science student from Aldenhoven)
Elias (24, eleven and video game fan from Freital)
Sven L. (24, dirty film lover from Bochholt)
Jennifer (33, bookworm from Bergisch Gladbach)

Before and after comparison of the nerds

Which nerd went through the most blatant metamorphosis? And do you even feel comfortable in your new look? The nerds get a makeover: an individual styling that was tailored to him. A new phase of life is waiting. From a short haircut to new glasses and fresh make-up – everything is possible.

Season 1

The eight “Beauties” and eight “Brains” meet for the first time at the foot of Table Mountain in South Africa. How will they react to each other? Which “beauty” grabs which “nerd”? And which couple earns 100,000 euros? The teams are formed right at the beginning of the show: the couples each consist of a “beauty” and a “brain”, they live together in a room in the luxurious villa and compete in fun challenges together. In the end, the most successful team wins 100,000 euros. The challenge: The young women have so far defined themselves more by their appearance, the nerds by their intellect. Now the tables are turned! In the challenges, the “beauties” have to pass knowledge-based tests and the “brains” can prove how socially acceptable and masculine they are. Which couple has to leave the show at the end of the first episode and who still has the chance to win big? (Text: ProSieben)



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