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WHAT TO BRING ________________________________________

We will take care of everything that you will need in the desert, but you may want to bring a few personal items along for additional comfort:
  • Sleeping bag (we have plenty of blankets, but some guests prefer their own sleeping bags)
  • Flexible shoes for scrambling
  • Headlamp/torch
  • Sun screen
  • Small bag to carry your personal belongings.

  • harnesses
  • belay devices & descenders
  • helmet
  • climbing shoes
  • head lamp
  • lighter
  • jacket for winter months

    ENTRANCE FEE __________________________________________

    Wadi Rum: 5 JD per person
    Petra: 50 JD per person

    PAYMENT _____________________________________________

    There are no banks or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Wadi Rum. We only accept cash payment in Jordan Dinars (JOD), please be prepared before coming here. If you don't have dinars, we will accept Euro or US dollars. (1 Euros ~ 0.90 JOD / 1 USD ~ 0.65 JOD)

    MEETING POINT ________________________________________

    We meet our guests at Wadi Rum Visitors' Centre at the arranged time. If you arrive early, ask the reception at the centre to call us at 0777359856.

    PARKING ______________________________________________

    Rental car can be parked safely next to our office in Wadi Rum village.
    TRANSPORTATION __________________________________

    We can arrange a taxi for you from anywhere in Jordan to Wadi Rum and from Wadi rum to anywhere in Jordan at the beginning or end of your trip.

    Approximate Price:
  • Wadi Rum to Aqaba - 20 JD
  • Wadi Rum to South Beach - 25 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Eilat border - 25 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Petra - 35 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Amman - 100 JD

    There is a bus from Petra to Wadi Rum everyday, leaving Petra at 6:30am and arriving at Wadi Rum Visitor Centre, where we will meet you, at 8am. (Price: 5 JD per person)
    This bus will return to Petra, leaving Wadi Rum at 8:30am and arriving at Petra at 10am. (Price: 5 JD per person)

    There is also a bus from Wadi Rum to Aqaba everyday (except Friday), leaving at 7am and arriving at 8am. (Price: 3 JD)
    This bus will return to Wadi Rum, leaving Aqaba at 11am and arriving at 12pm. (Price: 3 JD)


    We can arrange for you private minivan (maximum 7 people) from Wadi Rum to anywhere in Jordan.

    Approximate Price:
  • Wadi Rum to Aqaba - 60 JD
  • Wadi Rum to South Beach - 70 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Eilat border - 70 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Petra - 80 JD
  • Wadi Rum to Amman - 140 JD

    WEATHER ________________________________________

    Wadi Rum desert (Al Aqabah) - An up-to-date weather forecast can be found here.
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