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Trekking / Hiking / Scrambling

Bedouin Roads


Millennia of erosion resulted in wonderful mountains on Wadi Rum's desert sands, a place of dramatic beauty and an ideal environment for trekking.


Most of Wadi Rum's summits had been first climbed by bedouins, hunting or looking for water, then as a game. These ascents are done by walking and scrambling and a few rock climbing passages.


Wadi Rum is now a worldwide famous climbing and mountaineering paradise. The sandstone fortresses numerous adventurous experiences, from classic "alpine" ascents to extremely impressive harder climbs.


They are the easiest way to discover Wadi Rum desert especially if you have a short stay with us.


Enjoy riding camels as bedouin did for several years in a traditionnal way of moving. This will be a very quiet way for you to discover our desert.

Rock or Mountain Climbing

Lunch - the Bedouin way

Camel Safari
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