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"It a pleasure for me
to share with you.
My family and I will
share with you the very
best of bedouin
lifestyle in our desert."
- Mohammed

Wadi Rum is the territory of the Zalabea Bedouin tribe. The Zalabea areespecially renowned for their hospitality and great sense of humor. The Bedu of Wadi Rum have preserved specific knowledge related to the flora and fauna of the area, traditional medicine, camel husbandry, tent-making craftsmanship, as well as tracking and climbing skills.

Wadi Rum Bedouin Guide is established by Mohammed Hammad. Borned, and have always lived in Wadi Rum, 'The Moon Valley'. he has a great love for his homeland. Our guide team can offer you all kinds of activities in Wadi Rum, from easy family tours to technical climbing. For example, jeep tours, camel tours, hiking, scrambling, bedouin camping and rock climbing.

After your tour, you can watch beautiful sunset at our bedouin camp, enjoy our tea and buffet dinner around camp fire and sleep under millions of stars in a private tent.


Mohammed's father, Hammad
This is my father, Hammad. (Photo on left)

He found the bedouin-road, the normal route to the Jebel-Rum from the village. His way, 'Hammad's road', the long and hidden descent after an ascent of the classic 'Pilar of Wisdom', is well known. All these climbs without rope!
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